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Submissions open for DubsmartFF 2024 open in July

Awards will be given for the following Categories



International Short Film

Irish short Film

Music Video​

Best Documentary Short

Young Filmmakers (under 16)

Irish Language Short

Animated Short

All films will be included in our Audience award and best Irish award where applicable.


Before entering be sure to read our Rules and regulations below

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1. All Films must be shot exclusively on a Smartphone or Tablet device- (DLSR, GoPro, Camcorders, not excepted). Additional production equipment, lights, Tripod, Boom, sound equipment are permitted. 

2. Additional editing software can be used for post-production, audio and visual effects.

3. The use of filter Apps (Prisma) is allowed and encouraged but auto editing apps will not be accepted. 


4. All Entries submitted must be an original production. It must not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other rights of any individual.


5. Entries must not exceed 15min in duration. Entries longer then 15min will be automatically disqualified with no refund and no notification.    


6.We welcome submissions in any language but we ask that all entries (not in English) be subtitled in English. Any entries without subtitles will be automatically disqualified with no refund and no notification.    


7. The Dublin Smartphone film festival charges a small entry of €14 Euro to cover administration costs for running the festival


8. Submissions must have full clearance for all content before submitting.  Any Issues that may arise due to infringement of copyrights is the Applicant’s sole responsibility. The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival and its members are not responsible for any infringement of copyrights. 


9. By Submitting to the Dublin Smartphone film festival participants agree to the reproduction and dissemination of their films for the display and promotion of the festival (Media, film festivals and TV) indefinitely.

10. Drone footage is permitted in moderation. 5% of footage shot using a drone is acceptable in conjunction with footage shot on mobile phones.

11. Alight Creative category is free to enter but submissions must include the Alight Creative project package which is available in the premium version of the application. Qualifying films must have at least one effect from the Alight Creative between 5/10 seconds minimum. We except by clips and short films but all submissions must have emailed project package. Entries without a package will not be excepted and filmmakers will not be notified. Cash prizes for this award will be supplied after the event on January 29th 2022

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