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Clean HDMI out with Filmic Pro-Game changer

Hello Everyone,

In this article I will take you through another important tool that will help give you the edge.


Thanks to a recent update with Filmic Pro you can now get a Clean HDMI out from your phone. What’s a clean HDMI out I hear you say?

Let me explain

A clean HDMI out is the ability to be able to send a live signal from your phone through a HDMI cable to an external monitor. The reason for the word CLEAN is that this live signal does not contain any of the typical data that would appear on your phones viewfinder such as your recording status, exposure, focus, sound and recording time ETC.

How is this possible on my phone?

Up until now you could share a live feed from your phone using Filmic Pro but it would contain all the on screen information so it was just like mirroring your phone onto another device. It was helpful yes, but it didn’t give you a real representation of what the filmed image would look like. Thanks to a recent update within the Filmic Pro app you can now get a clean clutter free signal giving you a much bigger and better idea of what your Image would look like.

Why is this so important?

Everything is a little clearer

Size matters!! Shooting on your phone as revolutionized the way we shoot video. Having access to a phone 24/7 allows you to shoot some incredible footage. The drawback sometimes is your tiny screen. It’s not always easy to get a good look at the image you are shooting with your phone screen. There has been a time when I was sure a scene was adequately lit or in focus only to discover once I put it on a larger screen that was I had missed something. Having a field monitor onset will give you a bigger screen to give you a better Idea of what you are shooting. You can see changes you make in the focus, lighting or composition in much greater detail which is invaluable in ensuring you get it right on the day.

Everyone can see

Just because the device in your pocket allows you to write, shoot, edit and distribute your film all in a single device doesn’t mean you should do it all yourself. Film is collaborative after all so working with a crew is normally a sure fire way of ensuring a successful film. Up until now having your crew huddle around your phone screen as been a bit of a hassle. A field monitor changes all this, your actors and crew can get a better understanding of the scene being shot and this ensures there is less confusion on set

The leaps in technology is blurring the lines further between camera and camera phone and the addition of an additional monitor gives you even more of a leg up in filmmaking game. This coupled with your favourite SV ASSETS lens should push your filmmaking game into the stratosphere.

Happy shooting guys!

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