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How Important Is Behind the Scenes Footage for my Film

Updated: Feb 27

Behind the scenes content, it's funny.

I had a conversation with somebody recently told me that behind-the-scenes content, they didn't see the value in it.

We can't speak for every Festival but I would say again it comes down to this idea of shareable content. It comes down to this idea that social media requires 24/7 365 days a year. So the more content you have to talk about your film the more people are able to talk about it, they are able to share and they are able to understand it. So I think behind the scenes content if you have it shows value, it shareable, Its entertaining, It taps into this idea that people understand the process behind making something, understand the process behind creating and it gives better insight into your film.

So we think if you have somebody on set a stills photographer, somebody there to take photos to shoot video while you're filming and you put all that together into an impressive bundle, I think behind-the-scenes footage moving forward will be something that people will look for a lot because people love to see people making stuff and people look to see the passion that goes into craft and I think that behind-the-scenes content is integral to moving forward.


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