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With mobile phones its never been easier for anyone to take up filmmaking. The challenge we face now is collaboration. We want to change that. We want to unite filmmakers from around the world to work on an exciting new project. Stories told from multiple international perspectives, with the single goal of bringing isolated filmmakers together.


We are looking for 10 dedicated and inventive smartphone filmmakers from 10 countries to collaborate with on this project. The THEME of this project is "Perspectives". Filmmakers would be given a specific story structure i.e the Hero's Journey. They would then be given a list of randomly generated objects and phrases (30 in total). From this list they would be asked to select 12 and then use these has the basis to craft their story. The film can be about anything and be in any genre has long has it includes this structure and the selected phrases.


The breakdown

  • 10 unique filmmakers

  • 10 unique shorts 60-360 seconds long

  • All shot using smartphones

  • Complete story freedom as long as it fits into the selected theme

  • Can be any genre

  • All shorts will be screened at the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival 2023 under the section "Perspectives"

  • Finished film will debut at the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival 2022

  • Filmmaking equipment will be supplied to all filmmakers who take part courtesy of our festival sponsors Dreamgrip and support from FilmicPro


We are looking for a theme that is universal. Something that will translate beyond borders and cultures. We want a theme that is broad enough to create a wide variety of films.


The reason we want to have all the filmmakers adapt the words and phrases is because we want to see how one set of phrases and objects can be filtered through different cultures. We think this would lead to interesting discussions about perspectives and the weight each culture and filmmaker places on various story elements.


Beyond that we want to see how various filmmakers will adapt a pre-existing story structure. A lot of filmmakers starting out end up adapting their own stories as a necessity. We want to give filmmakers the chance to work within the confines of a story structure they might not be familiar with while at the same time putting their own unique stamp on the material.


Assigning a pre-existing story structure means we will have a clearer and more concise overview of each project and will give more structure to the stages of the project and the end product


Activities: Activities


Terms and Conditions


We will be processing registration's for until October 15th.  Selected filmmakers will be notified by October 17th

If you are selected you will be notified. Filmmakers not selected will receive a notification no later then October 30th 2022.

Filmmakers who cannot commit to the project must notify the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival team no later then October  20th so that we can source a replacement.

All films must be shot on mobile phones and the process documented.

Registration for this project is for over 18 years of age only

Filmmaking equipment provided does not include a mobile phone- People taking part must have access to a phone to take part. *

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